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I picked up an upper and lower set recently for a price I couldnt resist and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I currently have my HD 10.5 in 556 but that doesnt much move from its current spot and I like it to stay behind when I'm out of the house but the family is home.

Heres my current uppers
10.5 556
8.5 300 BLK
12.5 6.5 Grendel
I also have plenty of 16" 556 guns

I'm thinking of making an 11.5 556 pistol for travelling and to take to classes etc. I'd want something small that can fit in my suitcase and be maneuverable. The travel element also keeps me from wanting to SBR so I dont need to have Uncle approve my 3-4 yearly trips out of state.

I'm also considering a 14.5 pinned to 16 so I can have an actual rifle w stock. I have a can so I'm not worried about being married to a muzzle device since thats what I'd run for my can anyways.

Part of me is also interested in a 18 inch SPR in 556 or 6.5G but I have a 18" 6.5G barrel for my ACR.

Your thoughts as always are appreciated. If possible please give a why with your answer.

Whats a good next caliber or build

11.5 556 pistol
14.5 pinned 556 rifle
18 6.5 SPR
Other (post in thread please)

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20” with a nice scope.
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If you don't have a shorter, I'd vote 11.5" AR pistol. I have an AR SBR and an AR pistol, both 11.5".

But other questions may help you figure it out.

How far do you regularly shoot?

What would be more useful on a yearly basis?
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20in A3 or 11.5in 5.56 with Tailhook brace and LAW folder.

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7.62x39 Draco with a folding brace. All in all, you lose a bit less performance with a shorter barrel than you would with a 5.56, you get a bit more performance than you would with a .300, and ammo is both cheaper and easier to find than would be the case with the .300. At the same time, you don't have to worry about the bolt or ejector at all, where you're marginally more likely to have bolt or ejector problems with the Grendel.
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My first choice would be a 11.5" SBR, but since you want something for travel, I vote pinned 14.5". Putting a proper stock on it is far more comfortable and stable, and you don't have to worry about the ATF or some random 5-0 giving you the business. You get the added benefit of velocity, so it can stretch its legs a bit more as a shooter.

I'm a big fan of 14.5s. Like you, I've already committed on muzzle devices, so the benefit to swapping those around is minimal. You also get a relatively short gun for around the house HD. Plus, unlike about ten years ago, muzzle devices aren't the trendy fashion of the week they once were. But, the 14.5 gets you as short as possible without the NFA hassle (and I consider probable ATF interpretation changes part of the NFA hasstle, even/especially if you don't get a stamp).
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For real?
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14.5 pinned with your favorite suppressor mount.

Not minority enough!
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Thanks for the thoughts so far, some good point were bought up. Rhino, in answer to your questions

I normally shoot between 10 and 200 yards though I have some access ( restricted by my insane schedule) to a large forest with public shooting areas that go further. I'd likely only do 556 in closer at a range that's 100 yds. I'm looking at some property but nothing concrete so currently I am in a urban to suburban setup with short distances all around.

We do go out to visit family in the sticks, I don't generally shoot out there but it is good to have something more serious than a pistol if something went wrong out there.

Come to think of it I do alot of driving on big trips through remote territory and it would be nice to have something for that as well that again, fits in a suitcase and fills a mostly defensive role for mostly 2 legged problems.
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I have several 16 inch ones that live in the safe.
The 11.5 lives in bed room all decked out with head light, can,and arm brace.
10.5 sbr lives in go bag with 120 rounds just in case.
I like shorter ones for moving around my home if things go bump in the night.
Thirty rounds beats six rounds from the 629.
much quieter and no blinding me flash.
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