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Last year I received the stamp for this Wilson Combat Glock-pattern 9mm AR, but I didn't shoot it much. Not long I ago I received the stamp for a SilencerCo Omega 9k. The SBR wears a Vortex Viper 1-4x.

The rifle has a simple blowback action, and thus recoils a little more than systems with delayed blowback. Still, recoil is pretty minimal, and it's very smooth. It will be a nice option for practicing close-in AR15 drills, with the bonus of not worrying about damaging my steel targets.

Last week's primary goal was to measure muzzle velocity of my 9mm stash options. 115 FMJ loads from Blazer and American Eagle produced MV of touch under 1300 fps with the 8" barrel. Blazer 147 was just under 1100 fps. Sellier & Bellot 115 was around 1350 fps.

Initial zero range is 35 yards. I based this on the estimated MV and distance at which only holdovers are necessary. Now with good MV data, I may change this to 40 yards. Or maybe not. Accuracy at 35 yards was good with the Blazer aluminum loads, but wasn't so hot with American Eagle and Blazer Brass loads. I suspected this with AE 115, but the lower accuracy with Blazer Brass 115 is a head scratcher. Accuracy for S&B 115 at 35 yards while testing MV was a very pleasant surprise. There were 2 different 5-round groups of .56" -- shot with a bipod up front and a rear bag.

I shot all ammo in groups of 10 at targets 55 and 100 yards. Again, the Blazer Aluminum ammo was good -- with vertical variations of 2.5" to 2.75". Plenty good for FMJ ammo, for these distances, for this SBR's purpose. But then it was time for the S&B 115. At 55 yards, 10 rounds also produced 2" vertical, but the results just looked....better. Much less horizontal dispersion.

On to 100 yards. I incorrectly assumed there wouldn't be much drop due to the higher MV. So I aimed at the center of the plate, and just barely kept all 10 round on the plate. 2.5" of vertical variation.

Getting late in the afternoon, I only had time to load 15 rounds of S&B 115 in a mag and hot foot it back to 200 yards. And of course, the wind picked up during the process. I started with dialing a guessed elevation of 12 MOA. Nope -- 2 shots fell low. Then I dialed up to 14 MOA. Nope -- 2 shots still a bit low. Dialed up to 16 MOA -- one shot looked good in elevation, but off the 12" plate to the right. I held the 9 o'clock point of the diamond, broke the shot, and got a "ting". From the clear sound and general lack of plate rotation, I figured the impact was fairly close to center. Not willing to wait for the wind to change, I quickly fired of the remaining 9 rounds with the same POA. 2.5" vertical and 3.5" horizontal -- 10 rounds with FMJ at 200 yards. Absolutely surprising to me. Pleasantly surprising.

The Omega 9k isn't the quietest suppressor in the world, but it definitely cuts a lot of the 9mm bark. This was the first outing with my Omega, and I'm pleased with it so far.

This will be a great AR training setup for me. I will use it for shooting off-hand and from barriers.
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That is impressive. That is also a very capable self defense device as well. Congrats.

"Practice like you want to play in the game"
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THAT is one sweet little 9MM AR! Cool
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That is a really nice looking 9mm ar.
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