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For pistols with braces, what's the current ruling on whether they can be shouldered?


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Several months ago the ATF completely reversed its “don’t shoulder” ruling and went back to the original that said how the gun was handled or employed didn’t matter. I.e.: It’s okay now. There was/were thread(s) that discussed the matter in depth and included the revised ATF ruling letter.

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the "reversal" was a change made to the wording. IIRC, initially they said that shouldering a pistol "reclassified" the weapon as an SBR - but was that permanently? temporarily? just while it was touching the shoulder? no one knew. now, the revision is that shouldering it doesn't reclassify the weapon as an SBR, however altering the brace in any way to make it be more comfortable or make it less of a brace constitutes manufacturing an SBR by making it a stock.

However, ***and this is purely my opinion***, just because they say it doesn't reclassify the weapon as an SBR doesn't mean that shouldering it isn't "use in a manner other than intended" or whatever the legal jargon is on spraypaint cans and shit.

but hey, for whatever this is worth, we have websites like The Truth About Guns writing articles entitled "It's now legal to shoulder your SB Tactical pistol braces!"

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SB Tactical has a copy of the ATF letter on their website Oatactionman. It's allowed now, today anyway.
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This is just my experience which I think illustrates what a goat rope this situation is.
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