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I’ve got mine out on it’s annual deer hunting week. If it’s really well behaved it’ll get to go bear hunting this fall.

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Do No Harm,
Do Know Harm
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I've got a JM G model. Bought it new in 2000 probably. I haven't shot it in nearly a decade. Once life slows down, I look forward to re-learning that gun. It certainly is beautiful. I'd love to go bear hunting with it.

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Although sometimes distracting, there is often a certain entertainment value to this easy standard.

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A friend had a Browning 1886 years ago that he let me heft, but not shoot. A fantastic rifle.

I'm sure he sold it after his heart surgery, but he didn't tell me and I didn't pry, knowing how much he loved that gun.

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Let's be careful
out there
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I have two JM Marlins. One has a Marble's peep, and the other just a William's peep. When i shoot them, I start singing "somewhere over the rainbow", because that's where the bullet will land, given the trajectory. I do like to roll big hogs with the 325 gr Hornady at about 2000 fps, but only inside 200 yards, mostly inside 100.
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That is some carbine. Very nice. There is just something sexy about the lever action carbine. Congrats
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Picture of .38supersig
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Found a Sharps for cheap. Holds one round of 45-70.

Bought a revolver later. It holds twelve rounds of 45-70.

If a lever gun was able to present itself someday...

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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