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Looking for the best bang for the buck weapon mountable light for my 16" AR with an aluminum keymod rail. Looking at lights in the $75-$125 range. I was all set to order a Fenix PD36R with an Arisaka keymod flashlight mount but now I'm having doubts. What are your thoughts in this price range ?

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Very pleased with the Streamlight ProTac rail mount HL-X.

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I have four Fenix lights on my ARs and such. I use the ALG mount. Function and brightness are outstanding.

Over 1000 lumens at under $100. Price per lumens can't be beat!

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I really like the design of this Inforce light.

I have dealt with mounting SureFire lights of the X300 types on rifles, and much prefer the Inforce’s ease of operation. One thing in particular is its large rotating switch that changes from momentary to constant on modes. I used the light recently for a night rifle qualification and it was literally brighter than my car’s low beam headlights. Keep in mind that that design is suitable for long gun use only.

Prices for the Inforce products seem to be all over the place, and I didn’t even realize I was ordering a light with IR capability until I received it, so shop carefully.

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Streamlight Polytac x. The tail cap switch is perfect for a weapon light. I’m working on a cheap mount solution. Most of the mounts Out there cost more than the Polytac.
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For that price, I’d go Streamlight all day.
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When I was playing cops and robbers I had to have a light per policy for my AR. I replaced my front sight with a meprolight so I could see it in the dark and I put a small rail on the left side at the front of the fore end. Then I mounted a stream light TLR1 (the cheapest one I could find) to satisfy the policy.

Because I could see my front sight in total darkness and when we used just a takedown bar light I could see the target enough I didn’t need the weapon mounted light.

The little pistol light gave me enoug light in a house or small building to see and shoot if needed. If I needed more light I had a stream light regular police flashlight that would melt people because I added a malkoff LED lamp that was something like 1000 lumens.

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Thanks everyone ! I own a Streamlight ProTac HL 5-X USB that cranks out 3500 lumens of face melting light. I have been very happy with it but it is way too big for a weapon mount. I will checkout the Streamlight ProTac HL-X weapons mounted light as it operates the same as my nightstand light. There are so many good choices these days....... Fenix, Olight, Surefire, Thrunite, Inforce, Nitecore.......
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