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Happy New Year to me.

My favorite pawn shop had this on the wall and really wanted to sell it in 2016. So I helped.

Tikka T3 Hunter, .243 Win. with a Leupold Rifleman 3-9x50 on it.

Haven't shot it yet, but looking forward to the chance.

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Congrats, that will be a real tackdriver. Great deer or predator rifle.

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I have two T3 Hunters, one in 30.06 and one in 6.5x55. They are the best bang for the buck out there. I have Talley rings on the .06 and the stock rings on the 6.5 swede. Mags are expensive.



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Lights out for any deer within 400 yards. My two Tikkas are nothing short of spectacular. Daughter took her first deer this year with the 6.5x55 and I have a 270 WSM that has killed (DRT) everything I pointed it at with laser precision.

I had a T3 Hunter in 223 with 1/8 twist that I wish I still had. Sold it so I could purchase a P220 but wish that I hadn't, though if I hadn't, I might never have found you guys Eek

Welcome to the club and there are sure to me more to come.

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Had a T3 a few years ago, it would shoot an inch or better with about any ammo you crammed in it, 308
Foolishly let it go

Picked up a Sako A7 last month, thread on here somewhere, first time out all 3 holes touching at 100 yards
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My buddy just picked up a Tikka Laminated Stainless in 270 Win, it's a beautiful rifle. We got his scope mounted up this weekend, excited to see how it shoots.

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Nice. That should be a solid, accurate, predictable gun. The T3 always gets good reviews without exception.

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Lots of Tikkas on here.
Got my T3x Stainless in .270 for Christmas & should be ordering a scope for it this week.

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Those are really good shooters. They all have good triggers, very nice actions, and much better than average accuracy.

If I were in the market for a bolt gun, the Tikkas would be at the top of the list.

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Have one in .308 and .338 federal. Nice rifles.
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Congrats on a great deal (I assume). You can expect exceptional accuracy especially if you reload for it.

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