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Its a pistol I'm asking about but, It's more of a rifle question I think.

I have a Savage Striker bolt action pistol chambered in .22LR. It has a 10" barrel.Years ago I was lucky enough to contact Mike Dewey and buy the last target trigger he made for the Striker. set to 4oz its a masterpiece. If I didn't have this trigger I would probably pass on a new barrel and just look for another gun.

I would like to get back into IHMSA shooting and would like to use this pistol in Small Bore class. I would like to replace the Savage barrel with a Target chambered Stainless Steel barrel that is 14" ( max. barrel length for IHMSA).

I was looking on the net for barrel makers that offer savage replacement barrels for the Striker, McGowen does.

I read mixed reviews on McGowen, what are your opinions?
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I bought a McGowen 6.5 CM barrel and put on my Savage 10 I think it shoots better than I do, its a sub MOA shooter.
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