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All my precision rifles use Spuhr mounts. After trying lots and lots, I find them to be the best.

For mounting Aimpoint T1/T2s and Trijicon MROs, I’ve standardized on the Scalarworks mounts. Works of engineering art and super light. This experience leaves me with an open mind on these new mounts for full sized scopes.
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I have several Scalarworks red dot mounts and I really like them, they have worked great. With all that time on the CNC machine I don't understand why Scalarworks didn't utilize some integral square recoil lugs machined right into the base for their $400 scope mount.

The thumb wheel and round cross bolt seems to work fine for a light red dot, and a pair of them might be ok for a ~15oz scope on a 5.56mm AR15. But use a 25oz Vortex Razor 1-6 on a Scar 17S and that mount is going to move around. Maybe your accuracy won't suffer noticeably, but it will move around on the rail. I've experienced this movement with other QD mounts on the SCAR 17S in the past and changed to Seekins rings to mount my Nightforce 2.5-10x42. They have square integral recoil lugs and the rail clamp screws are torqued to 55 in-lbs, no more scope movement.

Looks like Scalarworks was targeting light weight above all else. For one piece options that need to be a bit more solid I would choose the Seekins MXM or Geissele scope mounts instead. Even the "weak" Aero Ultralight scope mount has several machined square recoil lugs on the base.

Scalarworks base:

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Aero Precision makes similar design, minus the level and they’re 75% less
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I bought one of their mounts for my Comp M3. It's awesome. I'm not sure I'd pay what they are asking for the scope mount as I am happy with my Larue but for a red dot I think it is fantastic. I have used it on my SCAR 16, PWS AR, and it currently sits on my AUG A3 (where it will likely stay as that thing is a pig and the Aimpoint is great on it). I am a weight guy. The lighter the better. If they made one for an ACOG it would replace the Larue on my 6720 (thats my go to).

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Originally posted by WARPIG602:
Different purpose entirely. I understand what you're saying, but this mount wasnt designed or built for that. You dont see the same components at benchrest matches as you do prs matches. Best mount ever is subjective. When you're counting ounces, they've been hard to best in my experience.

I shoot more than just PRS matches. Most of mine are often considered field matches -- not so much for the fabricated barriers to shoot from, more shooting positions are built using natural terrain, generally more physical work between stages. NRL (National Rifle League), CD (Competition Dynamics), and regional events at the Raton Whittington Center. Shooters balance gun weight while carrying against stability of a heavier rifle system. For example:

The 2-gun precision/tactical matches at Whittington require the shooter to carry both precision rifles and semi-autos for two days. Often a stage begins with one rifle in hand and the other slung. Total weight of two rifles, ammo for two rifles, pack, water, food, tripod/sticks, clothing (it snowed on us this year for the early match) is a consideration. The guy who won this spring's match took weight out of his precision bolt action (yes, a heavy PRS gun) and used a 223 SBR to save weight.

CD holds the Team Challenge Match in central Wyoming. Each of the three days start with a one-hour field course. Four shooting stages, covering 1.5 to 2 miles of natural terrain, overall time counts heavily in the total score. One bolt gun shooter, one carbine shooter. The top teams use as light as possible gear and run between shooting stages. I manage an OK jog on the flats and downhill sections, but am reduced to a walk up-hill. Most people are a hot and sweaty mess after a field course, especially on hot Wyoming days. We carry tripods and LRF binos for this match.

CD holds the Steel Safari in eastern New Mexico in June. It's hot and we walk 3-4 miles in each of the three field courses, with 8 stages per day. The west and south courses require a 1.5 mile hike up-hill back to our vehicles. This year the conditions weren't too bad -- the two hot days had temps that maxed out at 95 degrees and there was a breeze. Last year the hot days were 105 and 103 degrees, with very little breeze. That year I gave my last 2 and 3 pints of fluids to other competitors on the hike out on both days, and called for a vehicle pickup to those 2 & 3 guys, respectively. Probably saved them from heat stroke. The smart competitors keep the weight down on their rifles (both bolt actions and carbines are allowed), as we also carry LRF binos, tripods, and maybe shooting sticks for this match.

I don't know of Scalarworks mounts used in these matches. I don't look at every shooter's gun, but I do see a bunch of them.
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Originally posted by PGT:
Aero Precision makes similar design, minus the level and they’re 75% less

So does NCStar and they're 99% less. I have the Aero mount and saying theyre similar is like saying a Miata is similar to a Humvee because they both have wheels.

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I really like Scalarworks mounts, very cool CS Dept as well. I have a S Works mount for my Aimpoint T-2.
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