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They make short magazines for the Ruger GSR that don't stick out far below the stock

I have older rem 700 sporters in both 223 and 308 with factory irons.
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Likewise with the Mossberg Patrol Rifle, a short mag is available that still projects, but not that much. I have the CZ and the Mossy; at 100 yards there is not a spits worth of accuracy difference, both will come very close to MOA. The CZ has a smoother action, but the triggers are pretty much equal. The CZ has a Mannlicher stock which handicaps it at longer ranges while the Mossy has a synthetic stock which does not build up as much heat over sustained firing.
Both have iron sights and come with about the same price tag.
The Mossberg is my duty rifle, the CZ has too nice of a stock to pack it in a vehicle every day.
Either one will do excellent duty as an iron sighted .223.

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Pre 64 Model 70FW 308 with Lyman or Redfield peep.

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While a bit costly, most of the Sako 85 models can be ordered with iron sights. There are a few older Sako models that sport irons as well, albeit not the flip up (Rauchenberg?) type.
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