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I’ve been putting some items together lately for what I hope to be a decent .22 shooting platform. I feel like I’ve been overthinking this, but wanted to check with those in the know.

I’m struggling with scope ring selection, both from a size/height and appropriateness to the platform perspective. Also looking for some general thoughts on my direction and choices so far. Though I’ve got very little experience with it, I’ve gotten very interested in rifle shooting, especially after reading a number of interesting threads here.

I’m new at this, so bear with me. My thinking was to first try a rimfire rifle and see how things go. My interest is primarily non-competitive target shooting, probably from a bench, 50-100yds depending on any ability I may have, and possibly further if it works out. To that end, I recently purchased a CZ 455 Tacticool in .22lr. I also read a number of articles here and elsewhere, and after doing a lot of research, ended up purchasing a Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 30mm scope with the MOA-2 reticle, focusable down to 9 yards, with 80MOA of total elevation adjustment. For better or worse, my decision was based on Sightron’s reputation, the short range focusing capability, the amount of elevation adjustment, the fine dot reticle, magnification range, and price. No modifications are planned for the CZ yet – I’d like to just try it in stock form first. Because of the possibility of shooting to 100yds or further, I also purchased a DIP 25MOA extended base, though I’m starting to second guess myself on this one – I’d welcome any input. Also, I realize that at some future point I may need more magnification depending on type of shooting, distance, and how well I want to see my results.

I’m eager to get everything put together, but still need rings. I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to make sure I understand how to determine the appropriate ring height. If I’ve done it right, which may be questionable, it looks like I’ll need about 1.4” for the scope to clear the barrel and allow for lens covers. Taking the DIP base into account (~ 5/16”), then I’d need rings that measure about 1.1”/28mm from the base to the center of the ring/scope, or about .5”/13mm to the bottom of the scope. From what I can tell, it sounds like TPS rings are supposed to be decent quality. Their TSR medium is indicated as being 1.075”/27.3mm. I’ve also noticed the Vortex Pro’s (high), Burris Xtreme Tactical (medium), and Leupold PRW (high), all in the same ballpark. Since I have no experience with any of them, I’m not sure which way to go. Again looking for some help, and am open to other suggestions.

So, my questions:

1) Are my ring height measurements in the ballpark? Ring selection?

2) Is the 25MOA base needed for my intentions? Will it, combined with the scope, prevent me from being able to focus down to 25 yds? Some places I read yes – some no.

3) Is 20X sufficient to see .22 bullet holes at 50-100yds?

4) Any other general thoughts on the setup or my approach?
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It's Saturday night so I'm not in the mood to do math, but check out this primer on determining scope height on RFC.

quoting from thread:
Here is the formula: (Base height + ring height) - (Objective bell diameter/2 - Tube diameter/2) = Scope clearance.

2)Presumably your scope has 40 MOA in either direction and you are giving up 25 of that at the low end. Can you live within that smaller range? Even if you can, do you want to? I'd suggest calling Sightron, or frankly ask yourself do you expect to spend more time shooting 100-200 or 25-100? That might answer your question.

3) @50yds? Yes. @100yds? Not for groups.

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Thanks for the link snipes - I wasn't aware of the formula, but I think it works out pretty close to what I came up with, at least for the clearance I was thinking. I'd imagine, at least until I hopefully gained some proficiency, 25-100yds would be the norm. Maybe further down the road.
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Is the 25MOA base needed for my intentions?

Not needed if your intentions are as stated for range.

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I think your scope choice sounds good for your intentions, I can see .22 holes on my 6x24 Weaver V Series scope at 100 yards and my eyes aren't that great. Shoot several hundred different rounds of ammo (Wolf, Eley, Lapua, etc) to see what it likes and then start tinkering if need be. A cheap spring will do wonders for the trigger pull. The aforementioned RFC is a wealth of info on your 455 and DJ Dillon is the guy for upgrades. I have a CZ 453 Varmint in a Tacticool stock and I love it.
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CZ 455 requires 11mm dovetail rings. I have Leupold high and medium height if you're interested.
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Bmeek - thanks, I'm giving up 4x with my scope vs. yours, but maybe I'll still be able to see the shots. You're right, lots of good info on RFC. I'll look for stuff by Dillon.

Sigfourme - I was almost going to go the 11mm dovetail route until I bought the DIP base. If I end up not using it, I might talk to you about your Leupold rings - thanks.
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