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Originally posted by xrocket:
Is there anything you would do different in a build after having a chance to range test?

Yes.. install a gas deflector! Big Grin

I have a regular dust cover on it now, but having ran it some, I readily see why they invented and use gas deflectors on blow back PCC ARs, especially for lefties like me.

I have a gas deflector kit already on the way from CMMG.

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I just stopped in to New Frontier Armory, today. They tell me that their 10mm AR uppers and lowers should be available Summer/Fall, this year.

I'll keep an eye out and post here if something appears Smile


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Hope their timeline has is more accurate than QC10. I was told their 10mm stuff would be rolling shortly after Shot Show 2016.
Still nothing, I think they switched their priority to that Mp5 mag lower.

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How is that carbine holding up for you? How many rounds do you estimate?


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