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Festina Lente
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Anyone got one of these? Opinions?

I’m interested in their FFP 1-8 x 28 scope.

Intended use is for my Springfield Armory SAR-8 (Greek-made HK 91).

No reviews of this one that I can find, but it just came out this summer.

Riton is veteran owned, only been around since 2013.

I understand their high end is made by LOW in Japan, same as Trijicon 1-8, Primary Arms Platinum, SS HD, and several other brands - so should be good.

I like the specs - 28 mm objective in 34 mm tube should make it a bit brighter at 8x (than a 24 mm lens of comparable glass)

And, they offer a decent discount to MIL/LEO/FR, so that might lead me to try one over the similar Trijicon offering.

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Just because it is manufactured by LOW doesn't mean it is as good as the others. They are manufactured to a specification by the company meaning Riton. In this case.

The diameter of the tube has no bearing on brightness.
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Yeah LOW makes what they are told to make.

Might be worth a try but realize that more than likely you'll take a bath if trying to resell it, compared to how you might make out with a Trijicon 1-8x, etc.
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Any updated info on this brand?
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SWFA scopes are made by LOW and are good to go, Id personally see if one of those would fit the bill before buying a Riton.
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