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Just got in from my camp. Had the Palmetto 8.5" 300 Blk out. It will bang steel at 100 yards all day long, with anyone that can shoot at all. Have 10",8", and 4" plates. I think it's my favorite AR.
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Originally posted by WARPIG602:
I like the PSA 10,5 upper I ended up with a2 and likely a 3rd. Just too cheap not to have staged all over the house and vehicles.

Is that the Melonite upper?

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I have a Diamondback AR15 Pistol. I put a LAW adapter on it and installed the DOLOS Prometheus adapter for easily removing the barrel.

Now it folds up and i take the barrel out and it fits into a messenger or laptop bag and no one is the wiser when i travel...and i have walked into hotels and no one bats an eye....

since i put the DOLOS on it I can use another barrel in 300BO and I have two guns!! and my suppressor works on both barrels

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Originally posted by ARMT Guy:
Of those two options, I'd take the BCM. Mostly for the 11.5" barrel.

Agree, one day I will upgrade from my CMMG AR pistol built before AR pistols were cool.
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I would look at PWS also.
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I decided to try one of these (Geissele 11.5 Super Duty Upper) while on sale. The specs looked good but we shall see. I’ll provide an update/review when I get it.
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