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What height 2 piece mount is required to clear the front sight post on an AR, but still allow a decent cheek weld on a standard carbine stock? 3x9x40, 1” tube.
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1.5" from rail to centerline of the optic is kind of the 'standard' for optic height on AR-15s.

It won't 'clear' the front sight, but you won't see it with the magnification on that scope.

There are some higher mounts, up to 1.93 and even 2.03, but those are usually for a very heads up shooting position and to clear PEQ / IR lasers.

And for an AR-15, without a monolithic front rail / receiver, I would highly recommend a 1-piece mount with eye relief built in, otherwise the scope will be too far back, or you will have to place the front ring on the handguard rail.
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Not seeing a shadow from the front sight tower and good cheek weld are opposite ideals in my experience.
I use a one piece cantilever mount to get the optic far enough forward for eye relief.
The shadow is no biggie in the 3x10 I have on my varmint carbine.

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Not exactly same situation but I have an ACOG mounted on my AR with a standard front sight (Used on duty for years). Front sight isn't even noticeable. I would mount it so it's comfortable. If you raise scope and need to add a riser you can run into problems with the charging handle hitting riser if using collapsible stocks.
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Agreed. With a magnified optic you won't see the front sight post, so go with the mount that's comfortable for you in both height and eye relief.
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Yep. Fixed front sight posts are only visible with unmagnified optics. There may be a little bit of noticeable ghosting with a 1.5x or 2x optic. But you won't even notice it with a 3-9x.

You're focusing past the front sight post. Like watching the action on a ballfield while standing directly behind a chain link fence.
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