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I’m looking for a .410 for the bride. Took her to the local gun shop to shoulder some things and she preferred the mechanics of the lever guns to the pumps. I know Marlin and Rossi both made them, but are no longer in production. I am focused on the Henry offering at the moment. Seems to be typical Henry product; quality at a price, I just wish it had a loading gate rather that being tube fed

I would love to hear experiences with the Henry or others that are available. Let me know if there is something else I should be looking at. L

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I have a recent production Henry. I don't have, nor have I ever handled the Marlin or the Rossi to give you a comparison of any kind.
For the price the Henry seems nicely made, decently fitted and runs fine.
My sole complaint would be in the shorter barrel version I have you don't get choke tubes.
You are limited to 2 1/2" shells as well. Not sure your use of it, but I'd have had no issues using one for pest control but not a lot of rounds either.

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