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Go ahead punk, make my day
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Magpul Pros for serious use rifles, MBUS for regulars if I have them available. I also have KAC and MBUS Pro offset sights for rifles with optics, both are night and robust.
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Go Vols!
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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
Originally posted by Oz_Shadow:
I have not played with the Troy sights, so I am not sure how the mechanism works.

There's no auto deployment mechanism, like the Magpul MBUS.

To deploy, you manually raise them to the upper position, where a spring-loaded crossbar locks them in place in the upright position. To fold them down, you depress the button on the side of the sight, and manually lower them to the folded position.

It's a simple and robust system, with no chance of them automatically springing up if the rifle is dropped or bumped, and no chance of inadvertently folding them down if the deployed sight is knocked into something.

Now Aero Precision has caught my eye. They look like Troy, but flip up like Magpul and can be had for under $100 for a set.

Anyone used them ?
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I looked at the Aeros. I just got an email that they are on sale. I might try them out, but I've always had good luck with Magpul MBUS sights and they are $50 shipped for a set from PSA right now.
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