Thinking about a SAN 751 SAPR - 14" 16" or 20" *Decision Made*

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March 01, 2018, 08:06 PM
Thinking about a SAN 751 SAPR - 14" 16" or 20" *Decision Made*
So I pulled the trigger today, at least part of the trigger. I ordered one of the 14" barreled 751 rifles(pistols) today. The 20" models sold out, and the 16" is too much like my scar 17. This should be pretty collectible some day so I pulled the trigger. I also claimed dibs on one of the half dozen or so FDE 553 pistols coming soon with factory FDE ilaflon finish. I'll keep everyone updated.

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March 02, 2018, 01:08 AM
You suck. No seriously, I’d be giddy as hell waiting for that to arrive. Looking forward to videos and pictures so we can live vicariously through you.