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I ran across this company (Trigger Tech) recently. I'd never heard of them before. I've become a fan of Geissele triggers, but these caught my attention. I tend to err on the side of caution and stick with established brands like Geiselle, but these Trigger Tech triggers seem pretty interesting.

Just wondering what other's thoughts are if they have any experience with them.

What got me interested was Christiansen Arms uses them in their ARs. I was perusing their CA5five6 carbine, which caught my eye:
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Seems everyone is making Timney style cartridge AR triggers that use set screws to tension against the trigger and hammer pins.

Honestly, they all seem similar with various "special" differences. Trigger Tech seems to be OK, but compared to all the others I don't see anything particularly compelling.

Personally I don't like the concept and will stick with Geissele for most things. Geissele is Crane Naval Surface Warfare certified for reliability, and that means something.

My M&P 15-22 rifle and pistol got CMC triggers with their special 15-22 pins, because they are more cost effective and accommodate the 15-22 receiver.
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They make good 700-style triggers. ARC rifles come with one. I swapped mine into my 700 action, and I haven't had any function problems out o;f it.

Their AR triggers? Never touched them. But given my experiences I'd say it's probably good to go.

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Never heard of them? They have been the most popular precision bolt rifle trigger for a few years now, and by a wide margin. I have a few, and they are excellent.

I've also had a Triggertech in an AR for a few years. It's not as nice as their bolt trigger, but still very good. There are so many good choices for AR triggers these days.
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