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Got this one put together earlier this year, a lot of it from BlackFriday sales, finally got around to giving it a bit of a shakedown this weekend. The magazine I just grabbed from a local shop that was blowing out parts bin stuff. I was really happy with how it turned out, and ended up with a nice photo with it in the bed of the trailer I use around the yard, an old Coleman camper.

Function was flawless, and the brake pretty much eliminates recoil. Hopefully my suppressor is out of jail soon and most of the shooting for this one will be suppressed. My alternate optic is a micro dot on a 1.93 mount, debating going with a PST 1-6 in a 1.93 to give it that high rise feel and shed the weight of the beefy Razor.

It's a 10.5" 5.56. Currently using a T2 buffer, but I just read some negative opinions due to the nature of the weights in a standard buffer working in a specific fashion that loose powder does not. Anyone aware of such a thing that would influence the decision to use these types of buffers?

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Looks nice. You did a nice job on it.
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Nice! Finished up a couple of builds myself but neither look as good as yours.

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