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I just got my first pair of progressive bifocals. Yesterday I went shooting with my kids, and I had a really hard time focusing on my sights and the target. In the end, I gave up trying to use the rear peep sight, and just focused on the front sight, and the blurry target. I've never used any kind of optics, and I was wondering if something like a red dot sight would help?

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Welcome to the club. I have several eye issues on top of bifocals the make shooting more challenging.

A couple of helpful hints:
1. Be sure to bring the handgun up to the proper elevation to align with your eyes. Try not to duck down or tip your head down to your sights.
2. You need to focus on front sight only and let the target be blurry.
3. If your front sight is blurry through your glasses at full extension of your arms without tipping your head, you may need a custom prescription for shooting lenses.

Red dots can be useful assuming you do not have an astigmatism, which makes the dot look distorted.

I hope that is helpful.
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I've had to adjust my scopes focus almost to the limit. It sucks getting old.
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Yes, a red dot should help. It will allow you to focus on the target alone.
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Same happened to me with my first pair of progressives. Something about the way they stretch out and get rid of the line interferes with the upper corners of the lenses. Really messed up my ability to use bow sights. Switched back to lined bifocals at the eye Dr.'s suggestion and that took care of it.

Red dot should help.

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