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I also have some astigmatism, enough that my optometrist says I'm not a good candidate for laser treatment, but I don't know what that means on scale of 1 to 10. I have an old Aimpoint Comp-M4 on my carbine, and it works pretty well as long as I dial the dot down to about the smallest size that I can still see. Even then I get a line of red sticking out from the dot at about 4:30, but I can shoot about a 3 MOA group with it using crappy ammo. With good handloads it's maybe 2 MOA, but that rifle isn't terribly accurate with any ammo.

I haven't tried the carbine with a regular scope to see if a finer aiming point helps the accuracy. Nor have I tried moving the Aimpoint further out, didn't know about that, I'll have to give it a try over the weekend.
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Has anyone tried the Vortex Razor?

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My astigmatism must be fairly slight, or at least compared to my wife's. We were looking at optics, and after 10 years of listening to me talk, looking at my guns, and occasionally shooting them, I mentioned to her how astigmatism fucks with red dots and she had this NO WAY moment, and asked if my Sig red dot was a small dot to me. I said it was pretty small, but it kind of starburst a bit. I have a cheaper SightMark that has a circle dot, which looks more to me like the halflife symbol. I pulled out my camera phone and took a picture of the dot, and said that that's what it, for the most part, looks like to me. She was floored and explained that the dots are just huge fuzzy messes for her, and she thought that was just normal. she thought I'd been buying big dots for a long time or something.

Buuut now that I know this, I'm also looking for a suitable sight for her. she says the EoTech is clear er, but I'm interested in trying others.

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ACOG's have solved my vision issues. But I keep looking at others because I'm an optimist.

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