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Just out of curiosity, who here has experience with PWS rifles? We just bought a bunch at work and I took one of them as an issued rifle. Wow. I am pretty impressed with the gun so far. It is a M114 MOD-1 PWS rifle.



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While I don't own any of their complete rifles, ( just a Colt DI piston conversion back when PWS was doing those around '07/'08, ) I've always been impressed with the quality of all their products; from complete firearms to individual parts such as their FSC series of muzzle devices.

The samples of URGs and complete rifles that we have in stock at the store I work at are all 100% quality products. I wouldn't mind stocking more of their ARs, but since our store is a dd master dealer and about twenty minutes down the road from them, they generally rule the roost around here.

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Cool, thanks.


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MK 114 Mod 1 with the Triad Flash Suppressor on it (most of the ones out there when I bought mine had the FSC comp option on them). It runs great, does what I need it to do. Accuracy is pretty decent, I don't have it scoped, just the BUPS (back up Polymer sights, ha ha ha) and a PA advanced microdot. I have it for shootin stuff and minute of man accuracy if needed, and it does that with ease. This is my first and only rifle of this type so I don't have anything else to compare it to, but for what it is worth several years of trouble free operation.

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I bought one of their piston rifles years ago. Never had any issues but neither have any of my DI rifles either so don't know what that says. What I can comment on is the fit and finish of PWS products. Mine is way nice than any of my Colts and in many ways nice than my Noveske stuff.

I like PWS. I prefer my DI stuff just for parts commonality but they make great rifles.
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Never had a full rifle but have use plenty of their parts with much success.
If I didn't build my own the PWS would definitely be on the list.
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I have both the MK 114 mod 1 and the MK220 Wraith. Both have been rock solid and very accurate.

Neither have had any failures of any kind and they are easy to keep clean.

I have had the LWRC IC and the PWS was softer shooting and easier to clean. I cannot recommend PWS enough. They make quality long stroke piston rifles.


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I've had my Mk114 Mod 2 for about 18 months; flawless operation to date with all sorts of loads and the build quality has held up well. The anodized finish is a bit scuffed and scratched but I don't go out of my way to baby the guns that I use and/or depend upon, and my 114 gets used a fair bit, far more than my other black rifles. The one thing I haven't gotten used to is the BCG freely sliding out whenever I open my gun up, but everything else is peachy to live with.

I've done little to modify my rifle; SSA-E for the trigger and a Raptor charging handle, though I may change that out for something more stout as the pivot pins have started walking out on the Radian unit. Shame too, because everything else about the Raptor is darn perfect. Whether it's my Steiner 1-4 or a T-1 dot, the gun has been a magnificent one to operate and have fun with.

I've also started building a DI cousin to my 114 using parts from PWS's Bootleg brand, which seem pretty much the same quality as the components used on the rifle builds. Won't guarantee the quality from the guy assembling the bits will be the same, however. Wink
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My shooting buddy picked one up last year and its an impressive rifle. Consistently out shoots my BCM Recce with the 16 "SS410 barrel.
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I have a MK114 mod 1. Reliable and consistent, stays pretty clean, easy to clean, long stroke piston shoots softly and seems to help with returning to target more quickly on follow up shots. Would definitely buy another one.

For those not familiar with the PWS's 'AK-like' long stroke piston:
Short Stroke Versus Long Stroke Pistons
"A “long stroke” piston is one where the long metal piston is physically attached to the bolt carrier. Examples of long stroke piston systems include the AK-47 rifle, the M1 Garand rifle, and PWS’ line of AR-15 rifles. I’ll use the PWS as the example in this explanation.

With the PWS rifle, the piston is welded in place and attached to the bolt carrier. When the gun fires, the hot gasses act on the front of that long shaft (you can see the discoloration from those gasses at the front) and those gasses force the piston backwards. The piston and the bolt carrier group recoil as-one, traveling the entire length of travel and then returning to the starting point ready to start the whole process again.

The long stroke piston system is the oldest of the piston driven designs, and has the benefit of delivering the most power to the action. Since the piston is simultaneously in contact with the expanding gasses at one end and the bolt carrier at the other, force from the front of the gun can be constantly applied to the bolt carrier throughout the entire reloading cycle. However, usually manufacturers will drill some vent holes in the gas tube that houses the piston to vent those gasses off before the piston stops moving so that there’s nothing impeding the forward motion of the piston when chambering a new round."
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