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And mine evidently perished.

Couldn't group worth a crap. M1A, AR, .223 bolt gun, you name it. Wobbling all over the place. I didn't shoot groups, I shot a Jackson Pollock.

I know the rifles are mechanically consistent. Nothing wrong with barrels, scope mounts, etc. I just sucked today.

I've got to fix an eye relief issue with my M1A, but that's really no excuse. It was in the mid 90s too, and that didn't help, but oh shit today was frustrating.

I struggled with breathing, wobbling, eye strain, trigger control; all of it. At least I could tell when I yanked one (most?). The couple of good trigger pulls I executed delivered good shots. Problem was, the first couple of shots were good, and I thought I was in for a good day. Then it all went to hell.

My shooting buddy couldn't hit worth a damn, either. We quit early, had a glass of ice water and talked.

Oy. Back to the drawing board...

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I took a class a couple of weeks ago and my shooting got worse as the day went on. I was wobbling, too. I decided I just wasn't used to holding the rifle that way for that long, anymore.
Lots for offhand dry practice, in my future. I need to get back in shape.


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One's level of fitness will affect their shooting ability. Go for a walk a few times a week and see how things improve for both your rifle and your "gun."

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I had a great time prairie dogging with the son 4 weeks ago, lots of shooting practice.

Yeah, those doggies at 400 yards were always there, but just wait a bit & those 150 yard doggies are ready for gymnastics practice.
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yes, it is,

sounds like you had the same type of weekend I did,

shot a Service Rifle match Sat,
first on in 2-1/2 to 3 yrs

offhand would have been better if I had used a couple rounds of OO buck,,

sitting rapid not much better (forgot the fundamentals,, like breathe, )

started to get it together on rapid and slow prone but I was so damned hot and sweaty by then it was not much of an improvement,

score was about where I was when I started the game in the 90's,

pitiful, it was,
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Physical and MENTAL fitness as well. By that I mean ability to relax and just let it happen. Frustration gets in the way. Work on your breathing. It will improve.
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