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I respect PSA- and accept that mistakes happen.

I have built 3 or 4 ARs on their products, for fun.

I've sold most of them by now though.

Quality was acceptable to me- as I am not an AR Expert. It looked good and worked, at the right price.

I did have one issue, and they really impressed me.

Last year, I noticed that the front sight block was out of time/alignment on the upper, and I didn't notice this for over 4 years. [I get out to use it maybe once a year- and there were some rough years at work that swallowed time.]

I contacted them about it, but couldn't find my receipt. They searched their system and found it, from around 2012-4, I forget- but it was a LONG time ago.

They said- 'ship it in': so I did.

They sent me a new upper within 2 weeks of receipt of my old one.

I was VERY happy!

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They've had uppers with CHF barrels and Geissele rails and gas blocks in a few different lengths lately. If I was in the market for a knockaround gun I probably would have grabbed one.

I have a 10.5" CHF "machine gun steel" barreled upper from PSA that's on a somewhat Mk18 Mod0 pistol build. The Anderson lower it's on is terribly out of spec in a few spots. I originally built it for something like $350, it's since crept up closer to $600 with the Aimpoint and some accessorizing. poverty pony deluxe.

Here are the Geissele railed uppers.

8.5" 300blk with a little tucked back barrel
And a 18" rifle gas, .223 wylde, Mk13 rail
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I have 4 PSA's as of now.

10.5", 7" 16" dissapaptor in 5.56, and a 4.5" 9mm.

I have a few hundred rounds through each one. No issues. The 7" marauder pistol, and the 9mm are the most fun.

Hey, for the money you can't beat it.
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If you are interested in building your own using Palmetto State Armory parts or using one of their lower kits with the upper of your choice, their PSA AR-15 Safe/Fire Lower is on sale right now for $29.99.


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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
I mean, PSA ARs are first and foremost CHEAP.

While some think that a $400 AR is the same as all the other ARs, the cuts have to come somewhere in the business. Maybe it's test firing procedures, maybe it's customer service, but it's gotta come from somewhere. Likely also in materials / construction, but of course chest thumpers will say FN BARRELS GD-it, and I won't argue whatever point that attempts to make.

So to buy a cheap AR upper and expect to get the red carpet rolled out for a problem is likely expecting a bit much.

Good, Fast, Cheap <--- The rule of thumb is "Pick 2".

And yes, PSA makes what many consider good to serviceable ARs that turn ammunition into noise, empty brass, and holes on targets.

I agree with all this, but, don't forget, top tier companies selling supposedly top tier guns can release shitty products and have poor customer service, also.
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I’ve got a few I’ve been messing with, and so far, I’ve been impressed. Actually not bad triggers, and everything has been in spec and works so far... Haven’t done any 100K round torture tests yet, but at least one of these is going to get run through the wringer with a few thousand over the summer, so I’m interested to see how everything holds up..
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I've bought 2 or 3 of their LPK's less trigger & grip, they were on sale for $29 and I've bought some of their nickle-boon bolt/carrier ...

... everything fit so I was happy.

If I were to start from zero, I'd probably have a couple in the stable ... I like CHF barrels and cool logo so maybe I'd have one of their crossed cannons and lately I've been thinking of a "Confirmed" lowers but I've already got several lowers with cool logos I've yet to build just because I've pretty much got all the uppers I want ... I'm thinking about building a Grendal but I'd rather have a 6.5 in a 223 case, or maybe both! But for punching paper it doesn't make much sense when I can reload 223 so much cheaper!

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People see the low prices and think the quality must be low. Have these people never heard of the Walmart effect? They get parts cheaper because they buy 50,000 at a time. Their per unit cost on parts is lower than most manufacturers. Not to mention, they make the majority of their own barrels and free float rails in house. It probably cost them $10 to make a barrel, and $10 to make an aluminum free float rail, so of course they can be competitive and undercut other companies.

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I’ve built a couple for myself, a 10.5” pistol and a 16” carbine length rifle, and a couple more rifles with my friends for them and we had no issues with installation of any parts. I’ve only got a few hundred rounds through each but no problems with either.

I’m not a huge fan of shooting .223/5.56 out of the AR so mine won’t be seeing any high round counts. I might build a .22 lr from PSA though and that I’d shoot a lot.

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