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Big Stack
I know PSA is know for good prices on their kits and parts. How do people like their complete firearms? Any quality issues?
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Answers will range from complete trash, through hobby only guns, to they are the best every, why would anyone what to buy a Colt / BCM / KAC, etc.

If you are just looking for a range gun to finger bang a couple times a year, it doesn't matter at all.

If you are open to dealing with (potentially) some QC issues and lackluster C/S from PSA, maybe worth the risk. I had an out of spec CH that was grinding on the top of the upper receiver (Redneck bubba rifle when the unprepared family wants an AR in the next gun rush), but I just swapped it out.

Compared to BCM / Colts, PSAs are noticeably more 'rough' in function - not nearly as smooth feeling or but mine works. Accuracy is meh, maybe 2-3 MOA at best.
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I have built a 10.5 and a 16 inch and they have both been stellar. No quality control issues and accuracy is excellent. My only point of reference is an M&P15 and the PSAs are on par with it. It’s hard to beat building an AR15 for less than $400.

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Big Stack
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Has anyone seen reliability issues? Their prices are pretty spectacular, but I wonder how many corners they cut to hit their price point.
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PSA has a lifetime warranty and they back their products. They are a great company who treats their customers right.
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I have had not trouble with anything I have purchased from Palmetto. They have been reliable enough that I am building an AR-9 as we speak. I bought a blem mid length AR-15 upper and still can't find a damn thing wrong with it. Great value.
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Wait, what?
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I have assembled 10 lowers and none exhibited any spec issues. Two of them incorporated PSA uppers and both have functioned perfectly. The remainder had various upper groups dropped in and all were snug and functioned as they should.

If chrome lined bores are important to you, be aware that most of their barrels are not. Perfectly fine for the average shooter. Read the specs on individual guns/uppers- they clearly spell out whether they are or aren’t.

For the price of admission, especially during sales, you cannot go wrong.

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My experience with PSA AR15 in 223/556 has been near perfect. I had one 10.5 with a canted FSB but it still functioned perfectly. The few times I’ve needed it, their CS has been perfect.

I admire their company because they seek to offer so many new products made in house, their prices on their products and others are tough to beat, but, most importantly, their stance on 2A. I’ve seen an article/interview where the owner said their goal was to put as many ARs into the hands of Americans as possible.

With that said, I prefer Aero lowers and Ballistic Advantage barrels for builds but I’ll buy PSA Premium BCGs and LPKs all day long.
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I never had a problem with them and am a big suckers for their sales. I have had good accuracy and good reliability.

If you have a chance listen to the AR15 podcast featuring the owners of PSA. Pretty good stuff and seem to be decent guys.
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I wouldn't think twice about taking either of mine to a fight. They've both been 100% and look good doing it.
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Just finished a new built with one of their CHF uppers.

I would spend the extra for the CHF barrel as they are manufactured by FN.

I also updated an older build with one of their EPT fire control groups and it is noticibly smoother.

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I have 2 PSA AR's and have been very happy with them both (after PSA repaired one of the lowers.) One of my lowers had an issue where it wouldn't fire every time I pulled the trigger and PSA diagnosed a bad FCG and repaired it quickly. I had the lower back in about 1 week and it's worked great ever since. Total I have invested in both AR's is about $1,100.
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My patrol rifle is a PSA 16" carbine that I bought about 9 years ago. It has been fantastic, and I've never had a problem with it. In fact, I've been at plenty of range days at work where Colts, RRAs, and Smith M&Ps have had issues, but my rifle has never hicupped. I also maintain and lube mine, though, which is more than I can say for some I've seen.

I also have a PSA 9mm 16" carbine that has had more than it's share of issues. I have it running now, but I had to do a whole laundry list of stuff to it to make it reliable.
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If you're going to spend on anything, put a good bolt & carrier in it, good extractor, good, correct extractor spring.

PSA rifles run the gamut; they're economy rifles to be sure, but put a good trigger, good bolt and carrier in it, and spring it properly, get a decent barrel and they will be good enough. I've got a half dozen, and mostly consider them range toys. The kids enjoy them.

I've got other AR's that I take more seriously; Colts and Noveske, etc. I've not had any problems with the Palmetto rifles.
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My first AR was a Anderson lower, a CMMG LPK and a PSA complete upper, 16" Melonite barrel. Literally out of the box a quick lubrication and to the range. 80 rounds that day with literally no hiccups. Used PMC 55gr. ammunition.

I'm assembling another AR that will probably have PSA parts except for the upper receiver, the only reason for that is I need one with a carry handle. I'm using Brownell's Retro Furniture on this one. If they had a 20" upper with the integral carry handle I'd just get it from them with no hesitation.

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I have two and both have gone bang every time. I prefer the mid length with the Mlok guard to the standard carbine one even if it is supposedly the better barrel. The midlength one just feels better.
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The question is too broad. PSA items come in a range of quality. So if there was an issue, it would depend on what exactly failed and what the specs on that item were.

I've built 3 lowers with no issues. I have a PSA built .300BLK upper, but haven't shot it yet. I've also used a few of their LPKs with no problems.

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Most of the barrels are over gassed. They own DC machine, which makes most of their barrels, and they build them to their own specs.

Try to find one with a FN barrel, and it should be made to spec with the proper size gas port.

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Their most economical are too good for what they cost.

I can't stop.
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They will likely out last most owners; I say this because most owners won't shoot more than a few hundred rounds a year ... most don't practice with any kind of regularity, or train ... or even buy a safe.

From what I've seen in 30+years of being an active member at a range (pistol, rifle & shotgun) and doing gunshows most of that time; for most firearms ownership is for a feeling of security at best, or a fad at worst, for most it's not a way of life.

I could rant on, but I think I'm preaching to the choir.

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