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Telecom Ronin
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Posted this before...nothing makes me feel better than knowing my zeros are GTG.

This time I took a sampling of my stash to confirm the different POI and with the suppressor and without.

Wish I had a 200-400m range close to confirm my dope sheets but it is what it is.
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Dew - I did the exact same thing my back yard but I only shot suppressed because of the close proximity of my neighbors (none close to my berm area)....300 Blackout thru my Ruger American Rifle with one of my Omega’s attached....208gr A-Max makes a SMACK when it hits the dirt berm....Love that sound....
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Even more important than ensuring it's clean.

“The most common reaction to a life-or-death situation is to do nothing.”
— Amanda Ripley, The Unthinkable: who survives when disaster strikes and why (New York: Three Rivers Press, 2008)
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Did that two weeks ago!! No better feeling than first shot perfection (or close enough)

Hit up a 200 yard range and was very happy that my 50/200 was damn nuts on at both after a year going in and out of the safe as needed. For reference Colt LE6940 with an Aimpoint Comp M4

Also sighted in my “backup” a BCM 20” A4 with irons.

Both now wiped down with a few patches through the barrel and GTG for whatever may come.
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hello darkness
my old friend
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Yep. Put a red dot on the truck gun and sighted it in today as well.
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Off and on, for years I fought with keeping a consistent zero from my AR15 with an 18" barrel. I reset the zero stop every few months -- almost always up and down, and within a 1.5-ish range. Frustrating, as it occurred with both the rifle's first and second barrels. Great barrels, too. The first barrel was definitely sub-MOA, roughly 3/4 MOA capable. The second barrel was even better, with .5 MOA capabilities for the right factory ammo -- at distances out to 500 yards.

The final straw was at a 2-rifle precision match, where I generally nailed targets while shooting from barriers, but shot generally high and sometimes low from prone. A buddy on my squad suggested my cheek weld was inconsistent. He was right. Dagnabbit.

I had a Magpul UBR stock on that AR. Nice in principle; not so great in my practice. After considering that the face in the mirror was the problem, I first tried another lower with a Magpul STR stock on the 18" upper -- my inconsistent verticals almost went away. I then tried a third lower with a Magpul PRS stock -- at which point my inconsistent verticals disappeared. So I yanked the UBR stock and bought another PRS stock. I'll never use a UBR stock again, as it just doesn't work for me.

I find that rifle zeros don't change if the following occur:
- The shooter has a consistent cheek weld and follows the fundamentals of marksmanship while breaking the shot. Probably the most important factor.
- The rings or mounts are solid to the rifle. And of course, the sight height remains constant.
- The optic is solid.
- The same ammo is used.
- The rifle has not experienced shocks which exceed the design parameters of the rifle, mount, and optics.

I now have both bolt action and AR15 rifles which have held their zeros for years, and after many thousands of rounds down their tubes.
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Telecom Ronin
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The cheek weld was something I had remind myself.....STUPID ME

I now go through the same ritual while shooting everytime to ensure proper repeatable cheek weld.

Not sure how I forgot this but at least I fixed it...
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In the last few days I checked the zero on a few guns. This is more for deer hunting than whatever else. The two guns were my Browning A-Bolt in 284 Win, and my Knight 45 cal ‘Elite’ muzzle-loader.

Next weekend is the 1st IL gun deer hunt. I’m still thinking about getting to MI before the firearm deer season closes.

Of the various guns I have, it’s usually a fairly small rotation on what’s sighted & ready to go. I have a few in different categories, from 22 & 17 HMR on up.
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