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I have an opportunity to pick up a lightly used Mossberg MVP LC in .308 for what I think s a pretty good price. I have never owned a Mossberg firearm, although I know their shotguns are very popular. Does anyone have any first hand experience? I have watched a few youtube videos, and nothing bad really stands out.

This is the exact model

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I bought one as my first chassis precision rig, and I like it a lot. its as accurate as I can be, and i esp like that its light and handy since its got a 18.5" barrel. trigger was pretty good out of the box.

i was a little hesitant at first b/c mossberg can be a hit or miss on QC....but I have personally had good luck with mossberg, and i understand that CS is pretty good.

one notable thing: on my 308 LC, the factory d&t for scope mounts seemed right on w/ the barrel. with the weaver tac rings, and weaver 3-10x40 "midway special" tactical at mechanical mid-point on the turrets...the windage needed no adj at 100yds (elevation only needed like 5 or 6 clicks). was def one of the easiest rifles in my battery to zero.

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