CA Ammo from Out of State Vendors

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May 14, 2020, 02:44 PM
CA Ammo from Out of State Vendors

Target Sports USA has a great process for CA resident Ammo purchases.

In the account I made on their system, I can identify my FFL for ammo deliveries. I can also set up email notification/text for when out of stock items arrive and available for purchase.

Target Sports tracks FFLs so I don't have to provide FFL information, they insert the shipping address automatically, and when I looked up the "Elite" FLL I found out that FFL did not charge for Ammo Deliveries.

I can't say if all "Elite" FFLs in CA accept Ammo deliveries free of charge, but Gunfighter Tactical is now top of my FFL list for providing this service.

Here is Target Sports online tool to look up FFLs:

Today, Target Sports has 9mm ammo including my preferred training round American Eagle 147gr Flat Nose for $14 per 50 round box.

I train with this ammo because Federal built it to match the ballistics of their 9mm HST 147gr ammo which Target Sports currently sells at $40 for a 50 round box. From time to time, Target Sports will have HST on sale for around $28 per box.

Ammo is available by the box, but if you buy a case at a time shipping is free.

*** Question for my fellow Californians:

What online Ammo Sellers do you use and why?

May 23, 2020, 11:13 PM
Thanks for the Info. I have not ordered any ammo from out of state vendor yet. Will have to look into this.

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