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I just realized it could be a good reference tool for new shooters, or shooters new to a caliber, to know what “normal” pricing was on various calibers. My suggestion for a standard would be everyday “good” pricing prior to the pandemic and outside of any temporary spikes. Not the best price you’ve ever seen, not what you paid in 1958. I’m going to start with some common calibers with which I’m familiar, but there are others that I haven’t shot very much so I don’t know what pricing was, and/or should be when(if) things settle down. Most of my Ammo is purchased online, so that’s my reference. Local prices have always run a bit higher as is expected. My references are all brass cased FMJ.

9mm .20/round has been pretty standard for probably 10 years or more.
.380 .30/round
.40 .30/round
.45 .30-35/round
.223 .30-35/round
.22LR bulk 05/round. Premium(ie MiniMags).09/round
.22 mag .20-.25/round
7.62 NATO .70/round

What I don’t know because I haven’t bought much or in a long time:

.38 special
.357 mag
.357 Sig

Let me know if y’all thing this is useful, if you agree with my estimates, and if there are calibers you can help with.
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Several on line sources had .380 for .20 per round as late as Feb 20202.
Milsurp, older and current, 7.62 x 51 has been around .50-.55 for years.
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I am blown away on what prices are being asked for ammo right now, if you can find it.

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After looking through some old invoices, I'd like to add the following prices to the list (all purchases made within the last five years, excluding shipping and rebates):

9 mm Steel cased 0.16/round June 2017
.223 Steel cased 0.20/round Oct 2018
.45 ACP PPU Brass 0.25/round July 2016
10 mm Magtech 0.29/round Oct 2018
7.62 NATO MEN 0.56/round July 2016
.308 Federal Match 0.80/round Jan 2020
.30-06 S&B M1 Spec 0.70/round Jan 2020
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Thanks, this is helpful to a newbie like me. Over the past week, I've seen 9mm brass range ammo anywhere from .58/rd to over $1/rd on various websites. I know this is clearly a lot more than "normal" but I'm less sure if this is what people are actually paying nowadays.

Is something around .58/rd really the best as of today? I'm less sure about local gun shops; I had heard they may cost more than online but I'm not sure if that's true.
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I just paid .58/ round for 5.56 unfortunately, but in Alaska you buy what you can get shipped to you.
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I was in Bass Pro/Springfield MO yesterday right after they opened and the was no 9mm, and 7.62x39 on the 150 round box of Win 5.56 FMJ for $64.50 and I snagged it. I believe this is the largest Bass Pro in the world and they can't even get regular supplies of ammo in and keep on the shelves.
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Dec. 2019
50 Round Box - 40 Cal CCI Blazer Brass Case 165 Grain FMJ($11.95 each)
50 Round Box - 357 Sig Speer Lawman 125 Grain TMJ Ammo($15.95 each)
50 Round Box - 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Fiocchi Ammo ($8.95 each)
50 round box - 9mm Luger Speer Lawman 124 grain TMJ Ammo($9.95 each)
300 Round Brick - 22 LR Mini-Mag 36 Grain Hollow Point Swamp People CHOOT EM Special Edition Ammo $20.95

April 2019
50 Round Box - 357 Sig 125 Grain Federal HST Ammo $29.95
50 Round Box - 357 Sig 124 Grain FMJ Ammo by Fiocchi $17.95 each)
50 Round Box - 40 cal CCI Blazer Brass case 165 grain FMJ ($13.95 each)

Nov. 2018
50 Round Box- 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 124 grain HP hollow point LE ammo($29.95 each)
50 round box - 40 HST Federal LE 165 grain hollow point ammo - ($29.95 each)

Aug 2018
1000 round case - 9mm Luger Speer Lawman 147 grain TMJ Subsonic Ammo- $189.80
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