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With the upcoming election and the possible panic that might ensue I have a dilemma I want input on.
Everyone pretty much says buy cheap stack deep but here goes:
Recently moved to free Arizona after years of suffering New York's oppression of gun owners.
I am now in a shooting Mecca but right now with the move and other details I won't get into for now money is tight ( in about one month with luck money will no longer be a problem but that may be too little too late for the ammo supply)
Right now wal mart ( not my first choice but the low bidder in town not even close for any other vendor) they run federal aluminum case value packs for around $20 for 9 and 30 for 45's.
The big question should I buy a couple hundred as I go hoping supply will still be good post election or go ahead and drop lots on several cases in the event we have a post election panic?
I can reload but in the last panic components chiefly powder and primers were hard to find too?
Would you:
1) stock up components
2) stock up ammo
3) wait and see
Appreciate the input
I even thought about selling a few guns and using the funds for ammo and components
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I say #2. Several cases. You'll use it, though it might last you 10+ years.

I've shot lots of Blazer aluminum (mostly 9, some 40, a little 38) and never had a problem. Don't know anything about Federal.
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My vote is buy what you can afford right now. A month from now, most likely worse case is prices will be up, but still available. If $ is that tight temporarily, do the smart thing and spend it wisely.

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#2, buy online, save big, probably tax free. You can reliably get very good brass cased 9mm FMJ for 20-22 cents per round still online. Aluminum is here too, even cheaper. I don't know how much you shoot, but 100rds is usually an average range trip to most, very light for many.

Target Sports USA and SG Ammo are two of the popular online vendors now, have it delivered by the Big Brown Truck or the Big White Truck right to your front door without having to see the Wally World mouth breathers.
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As a reloader that buys very little factory ammo...I suggest picking up as much reloading components as your budget will allow...

An 8# jug of a broad spectrum powder pistol powder/powders and 5,000 or more primers (Powder Valley has a good selection of both for now) plus some bluk plated (or cast) bullets in your calibers will make a future shortage easier to endure...even the Haz-Mat and shipping will be offset by the savings of not paying sales tax...especially with a large order...

On a side note...Para's thread pretty much takes this all in Smile...

...and LDD's thread covers the reloading components panic pretty good...

Hopefully after November there will be no panic Big Grin


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No one knows for sure what will happen if Trump does not win but my guess is there will be some panic buying initially though probably not nearly to the levels of late 2012 and 2013.

If the republicans keep at least the house, which is very likely IMO, I don't see and serious attempts to try and pass any anti gun legislation right away. Of course they will use any future mass shootings to try to do such.

If one has the means it certainly is a good idea to stock up on a couple years worth or more of ammo needs IMO especially now that prices are great on most center fire ammunition.

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I am mostly a reloader,and have done this from the late Sixties,
Been thru a few dry spells etc.
Most of my back stock got on the short side this past dry spell.
Early last spring I restocked with several large orders of powder and maybe ten K of primers that I had burned thru.
Primers are the weak link in our hobby and I try to sit on atleast fifty K of assorted backstock.
Been casting for many years on pistols
I buy small quantities of factory rounds in rifle ,shotgun and pistols.
That said, my situation differs from others.
Families come first.
For me its just food and care for the dogs now days
Buy what you feel comfortable with.
I do feel better with the ground swell for Trump.
The hag would go for components first as the easiest way to shut us down, then for stacking the courts next
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Thanks for the replies everyone. With 9mm aluminum case under 10 a box and 45 under 15, I will buy as much as my wallet can handle and in worst case scenario stick with the calibers I reload to ride out any storm. While I only have about 5k in 22's on hand supply on those is getting better and can always use my 22's for practice during any shortage- will probably pick up another 5k in 22 just in case
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I didn't see how many rounds you routinely shoot but, if you reload more than shoot manufactured ammo buy components. Primers seemed to shoot to record heights during the last shortage so I would definitely load in primers. Brass has been and is now pretty much abundant depending upon fellow shooters at the range. There are a lot of different bullet manufacturers so prices may not skyrocket if there is a scare. Commodity prices may fluctuate and be reflected in the pricing structure. Watch and anticipate. If you don't want to store components buy as much factory ammo as you can afford.

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