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good price for blasting / SHTF stock


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Too good to pass up. Picked up a couple of Desantis holsters as well. Did not see that coming. Held off on some other ammo good deals, to be bested by 00 buck? Have to go back to posting in the ammoholics thread.

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That's a good deal. I have a lot of the S&B 12ga low recoil, and it goes bang every time. I kinda of like the clear hulls, there's no doubt what I have (all I have is 00 or slugs).

I have several different brands of low recoil 00, I've never tested them for patterning but at shotgun range I doubt it's going to make a big difference.
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thank you for this

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Its good stuff, but I discovered I can miss bowling pins at 30 feet with just as easily with 00 buck as with #5 shot.

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Got mine today.

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