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How does a member gain permission to view the members directory? In responding to WTB adds it would be nice to know the status of the individual placing the add.

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I don't believe non-admin/mods have access to the directory anymore.
If you want to see their posting history, you can click the number at the bottom of their post & see their recent posts around the forum.
From yours: if you click on the 324 next to Posts: it'll bring up your post history.

Not sure how far back that goes, as yours only shows 2 posts, of your 324.

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I'm not sure what status you're looking for.

But if you click on the person's name, a dialog box comes up that gives you the options to 1) View their public profile - this gives you their email as one of the information.
2) add them to your ignore list
3) view recent posts by the person
4) get notified of new posts by the person.

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