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As the originator of that thread, I am very disheartend that the thread content is seriously diminished due to missing photos and spotty detail. You even posted a reminder to the members about updating their broken Photobucket links, yet few did. Whereas that thread once was a resource and gathered a few compliments, it is now not worth much, in my opinion. At the very least, it needs some serious pruning to eliminate the broken links and valueless chit-chat like me asking for more photos, etc. Or maybe it is time to delete the thread in its entirety.

I want to thank you for making it a permanent thread. Without member support, however, it seems to have largely lost its value. You have my complete understanding in whatever you may decide to do.
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GaryBF, after the Photobucket hijack I had deleted my originally posted PB pics in your thread, and moved them all over to Post Image. I assumed that they would be safe there, but after seeing this thread I just did a quick check and it appears that while some of my hyper-links still work, a couple don't. I'm not sure exactly why but noticed that the ones that don't work seem to have a lot of advertising on that particular page link. In fact, the types of ads look a lot like the spam virus advertising that used to appear on Photo Bucket.

I apologize for any of my links that are broken. I'll see what I can do to fix the links, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to as I suspect the problem is on the Post Image side.

Like you, I'm disappointed that members haven't maintained their links. I had planned on saving some of the pics for my own records at some point, but took for granted that they would be there when I got around to making the time to save them.

For what its worth, I have enjoyed the thread, and found it both interesting and useful. It would be a shame to lose the thread, but I can certainly understand it if the decision is made to lock or delete it.
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