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I got a potential hacker sniffing around and I'm changing my simple passwords to more sophisticated ones.

I'm poking around on the site and don't see a ready way to change my password here.

I've logged out and then clicked on Lost My Password, but the site says that there's no user with my email address.

Q: can you please point to the location where I can change my password? Or, delete my account and I'll re-join the forum?

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You registered here a year ago, have a grand total of two posts, and your second post in an entire year is talking about your account being hacked. This is a great way to get your account disabled by the admin. Why do you need to be logged in? You're not posting. Why do you need a working password? To see member profiles? I'm telling you, this looks odd to me.


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Oops. Sorry Para. I noticed the member's low post count and thought it odd that they would be concerned about all 2 of their posts in their account, but I didn't consider that there may be something crooked going on.

Deleted my previous how-to post.
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And what is a "Computer Technical" as an occupation?

Just my 2¢

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Originally posted by craigcpa:
And what is a "Computer Technical" as an occupation?


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