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I just had a quick question. I had a WTB posted in the classifieds. Since I no longer need it, I deleted it completely. I’ve noticed a lot of users edit their title to “please delete” or something to that extent. Are we supposed to ask permission from moderators, or can we just delete it ourselves? Since it is very simple to delete it yourself, I thought to just do it and do my part to unclutter the classifieds section, but I apologize in advance if I broke a forum rule.

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Once someone replies to your post, you cannot delete the thread.
You can edit all your posts and your thread title.

Since you were the only poster, you were able to delete it.

Requesting a delete is OK, as it de-clutters. (edited my bad info.)

Otherwise, the board has an auto-prune function and threads will fall off after a while.

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We don't delete classified ads. That would be a full time job.

You shouldn't delete your ad.

If something goes wrong and staff needs to step in, it is helpful if the original ad is intact.

Just let it be auto-pruned.


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Just be sure to change the thread title to show that the item has been sold. Save the rest of us from having to click on it.

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