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Guys how do I get permission to post photos. Been a member for a while now and have never been able to post photos

Lawrence A Visocky (Larry V)
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All you need to know is right here....

All it all you got.
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That's just the
Flomax talking
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You don't need anyone's permission. You just have to learn how to do it. Photos must be hosted elsewhere and then linked here in your post. There are several threads here that mention many different photo hosting sites.

Here is one suggestion:

Slide1 by GaryBF, on Flickr
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Oriental Redneck
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So, that secret hand shake was just a lie?
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I think what throws everyone off on this topic is the option to select a ‘Photo Album’ when hitting the ‘New’ tab. I did the same thing when I was still wearing my SigForum diapers.

Not sure why Photo Album is even an option since nobody is allowed to use it. No photos are hosted here so it’s not like they are taking up bandwidth.

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