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In profile -> preferences, there is an option to suppress avatars and signatures.

How does this work? If this option is selected, does that mean that the avatars and signatures are suppressed at the forum server end, and are not transmitted to the user?

Or, are they transmitted to the user, but not displayed?
Reason for this question: We all know that there are no ads on SIGforum. However, my AdBlockerPlus icon occasionally shows that an ad has been blocked.

Somebody conjectured that the ad might be buried in an avatar. I tried turning avatar display off, refreshed the thread, and there was no change in the "blocked ad" count displayed by AdBlockerPlus.

This is not a problem for me, but it is a puzzle, and I'd like to find the answer just to satisfy my curiosity.

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They won't be transmitted to you...a good option for those with slower internet speed.

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