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Some days I can be on line only a short time before I get fake warnings that my computer is "broken" or that my antivirus subscription has expired.
Glocktalk is about as bad.
Other gunboards seldom bring up such stuff.
Any thoughts?

I am contemplating going iMac in the after Christmas sales instead of more Microsoft.
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Well, first off this is the wrong place to post.
Second, you might be better off with Apple - they are great for beginners.
Lastly, what happened is you "clicked" on the wrong thing and/or have an unsecured computer.
Watch where you go, what you do, maintain your computer and do regular scans and have an AV program.
Good Luck
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Sounds like you have contracted a "Browser Hijacker." It's a form of malware that causes these sort of popups.

You should get yourself MalWareBytes, CCleaner, and/or Avast and clean that crud off your machine.

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