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I posted a thread in the 'Suppressed Weapons' forum regarding the ATF Cease & Desist Letter to Q, LLC re: the 'Q' Honey Badger Pistol, and it's reclassification as an SBR. Multiple posters have urged moving this thread to a different subforum w/ more traffic to ensure greater visibility.

Significantly, the ATF has 'Gone Dark' and is no longer responding to 'Q' regarding this matter. This could mean that they're trying to figure out how to respond/change course and not look bad, or something more dire. It would seem some 'action' by our community to lobby for a change in course by ATF is prudent, as this could affect MILLIONS of Gun Owners. As such, increased visibility could/would be important.

All that said, I'm not sure in if should be moved, cross-linked, or what, but figured I'd submit it for your consideration.

I originally posted it as a PSA in 'Suppressed Weapons' because I believe more SIGForum members would see it there vs. in the 'Gun Control Discussion' forum. It would certainly seem very appropriate in 'SIG Pistols' forum as well. Regardless, I'll leave it to your discretion where it would best serve the our collective interests.

Thank You for your consideration, and this GREAT Forum! Cool

Subject Thread Here -->


ETA - Further muddying the waters, and focus on the subject, there are currently two add'l 'Honey Badger' threads:

One in Mason's Rifle Room (started just this AM!) -->

And one in the Lounge -->

Surprisingly, or Not [it seems that NOT everyone READS the whole thread before posting Wink], both of these thread have had continued discussion, though it was pointed out within the first two replies that a thread already existed on the subject! The Lounge thread seemed to be mostly hyperbole and ATF bashing initially, but it's still lingering on Page 2 currently. Attention to this subject would probably be well served by locking both of these add'l threads.

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Based on the latest Q update regarding the response they just received, it appears that the ATF is taking a wait and see strategy, essentially playing politics and banking on a Biden/ Harris administration to be supportive of their arbitrary NFA decision, after the election.

Also, in reviewing the Gun Control Discussion forum, I had forgotten about the thread started earlier this Summer which suggested that the ATF was considering going after PSBs even back then, so this is starting to look much more like a planned attack on the 2A by the ATF.

I believe that we need to get forum members and gun owners mobilized on this issue now, RTFN, as I believe that politicians and the bureaucrats that work in government will be much more responsive to citizen complaints about arbitrary rule changes affecting rights, just before a contentious election.

I realize that I don't get a vote in this, but I'm hoping that Para and LDD will consider moving the linked thread to either the Lounge, Mason's Rifle Room, or the Gun Control Discussion forums, or, whichever forum you believe will get this issue maximum visibility and response from members...or, perhaps even a sticky might be considered.

Perhaps the other threads started on the same topic afterwards might be locked, to allow this one max visibility and concentration of efforts.
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