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I put a post in The Lair under the topic "Going to see Tool in June". It was a video clip, not sure what happened but is HUGE, and blocks out my edit button. I can't delete it.


I apologize now...
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Been several instances of that, recently. Yeah, you are stuck with it. Eek
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Has anyone been able to pattern a cause?

I post videos all the time and have never had that issues. My links come directly from YouTube under the "embed" section.

Who does it differently and has had a problem?

Who does it the same way and has had a problem?

I only post from my laptop, maybe something to do with posting from mobile device?

All it all you got.
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I'm guessing the native size of the videos getting posted on the net is getting larger, as higher-res video hardware gets cheaper and more people have fast enough Internet to make viewing large video files tolerable.

My suspicion is that the folks having issues may be running lower resolution monitors, so they can't extend the Edit Reply box wider/taller than the video box.

My main display runs 1920 pixels across x 1080 tall, and I haven't seen this happen as yet. Give it time - when they start making consumer 4K devices and people start posting those up on YouTube, et. al. I may wind up in the same boat.
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