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I hope I am not overstepping my bounds, but I have seen many times on this forum that members (and myself is definitely included) posting links to other gun related forums and putting in parentheses they hope they are not violating any unwritten or written rules.

I myself have linked to some very relevant threads on and just saw a member do as I've done, and post the link to the relevant thread but also caveat that they don't want to break any rules.

Is it allowed to post relevant threads from other gun forums on Sigforum w/o the disclaimer most seem to use?


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I don't mind links to well-known sites like and the like. I'm inclined to say that it all depends upon the specifics. For the most part, I'd rather not see this stuff, but the only sites you're truly prohibited from mentioning here are already being filtered. If you feel you have something interesting or informative to contribute, go ahead and post it, and if it's a problem, I'll remove it.
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