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Forgot password & Need help updating my profile! Login/Join 
I was responding to a thread in the pistol forum in hopes of benefiting from tcfiero's generous offer of G10 239 grips. However I soon realized that when I joined this wonderful forum 8 years ago, I used my work email in my profile. On top of that, I have lost/forgot my password! Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thank you,

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Since you're able to post here, that means you're logged on. Don't ever log out if you don't know your password.

As for your email, just go to the main page, click on Go in the upper right corner below the Sigforum Logo. Click on "Personal Zone", Click on "Profile", If the display Email that is displayed isn't what you want, Click on the View/Edit Complete Profile in the upper right of the profile box, then edit the Display email field in the bottom half.

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Go --> Personal Zone --> Profile --> View/Edit Complete Profile

That will take you to a screen where you will be able to change / update your password and your email address.

Note that there are two "slots" for email addresses.
  1. The address that verifies your membership. This is also the address that notifications come to, if you choose to be notified when a thread is updated. This one may NOT be a free address, like gmail, yahoo, etc. If you do not want to use your work address, your ISP probably gave you a few mailboxes. You can use one of them. You must supply an address here.

  2. The address in your public profile. This is the address that can be seen by members who are logged in. They can use it to contact you. This address is optional. You are not required to have one, but it's a good idea. This may be the same as the address in slot # 1, or it can be any email address that will reach you, including free addresses like gmail, etc.

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Do you still have access to the email address you used for registration?


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Originally posted by parabellum:
Do you still have access to the email address you used for registration?

No I do not. I must have accidentally deleted that info in my original post. When I retired from my teaching job after 30 years in the classroom last May, my email address that I used for registration became invalid just 2 weeks after I retired. To make matters worse, the only email account that I presently have is a gmail account. Of course as I was following the procedures suggested by the helpful posters above, I found out that is not a valid address for this forum! So I'm still stuck!

As long as I only try to access this forum on my iPad, I'm okay as the Forum recognizes me. However when I want to access Sig Forum from my "new" iPhone or a computer from the gun shop where I now work the Range Counter and part time Range Safety Officer, I can't login since I can't remember my password. If I try to reset my password, the info gets sent to my email on record which is defunct! So it seems if I am in some kind of Catch-22!

In the meantime, tcfiero says he has sent me an email requesting my shipping address, but I have not received it in my gmail account. I'm sure that he sent it to my old email address.
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For now you can add your gmail account to your "Displayed Email" and only members can see that.

Who is your Internet service provider?
Also, your wireless phone account may provide an email account.

If so, ask if it/they may be used.

And may be a long shot, but if your retirement was not too long ago, try contacting the HR folks and ask if they can re-create your email address for the purpose of password recovery.

They may allow that.

I do not delete email addresses on employee exit, but change their login, restrict all access, and then keep the email account or the email address as an alias to a "general" mailbox in order to capture email that may be business related.

But privacy policies may be different for your school.

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