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I was hoping to point to an older thread here about range bags, which I initiated, in the present thread asking the same question. Searching for the thread, I cannot find it. I used the advanced search utility with key word bag and my username. I also restricted the search to before 12/31/2015, trying to force the search to older posts.

Could someone please advise me how to better search for info here? Are older threads pruned and no longer available?

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When threads go inactive, they are automatically locked. After a period of time, those locked threads are pruned from the forum. If you have a thread you want to keep on the board, you have to keep it alive.
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Easiest way to find something you posted is by either clicking on "Posts" at the bottom of one of your replies i.e. yours is "Posts: 2034" right now. Or clicking on your username and then view recent posts.

But if there is no acticity to the thread for awhile it gets locked then pruned after time.

Edit: Para answered while I was slow typing and cooking breakfast. Smile
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I have often had success with the customized Sig Forum search bar:

Thanks, "Chance"!

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