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If ever you wonder about the validity of training to shoot while retreating, and shooting until the threat ends, check out this video.

Skip to 25 seconds for the action.


Police released video Wednesday showing a man swinging a baseball bat at a police officer before being fatally shot outside a federal courthouse in southern Indiana.

Evansville police released security camera video showing 55-year-old Ricky Ard smashing two of the courthouse’s front door windows Tuesday morning, along with video from an officer’s body camera.

The videos show at least two courthouse security officers drawing guns but not following Ard as he stayed outside the building and walked away.

Other angles show him starting back toward the building after a city police officer arrived. That officer, identified as 11-year police force veteran Kenny Duschke, yelled at Ard and tried to hit him with a stun gun [looks to be a TASER] before the man charged at the officer with the bat. The video shows the officer backpedaling and firing about a half-dozen shots.

Evansville police spokesman Sgt. Jason Cullum said during a news conference that Duschke appears to have acted appropriately to defend himself. “When he made the decision to chase after the officer and attempt to strike him with a deadly weapon, unfortunately, he created a situation that led to his own death,” Cullum said.

Cullum said Ard had visited the Winfield K. Denton Federal Building on Monday and expressed “concerns about the government.” The building includes federal court offices and other federal agencies. Cullum declined Wednesday to discuss Ard’s complaints.

Ard returned about 11:20 a.m. Tuesday to the courthouse in the city along the Ohio River, according to police. Cullum said a courthouse security officer also shot at Ard, but videos didn’t clearly show when that happened. One of the security officers told Duschke to use a stun gun on Ard, but it was “ineffective,” Cullum said. “We know that one of the probes did make impact because as he ran after the officer you can actually see the Taser dragging on the ground behind him, because the probe was either in his clothes or in his person and the wires were still attached to the Taser,” he said.


Text above accompanied Youtube video.

Link to original Youtube video:

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I don't know why he'd feel comfortable getting that close just to backpedal but I'm glad that the end result was ideal given the circumstances.


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I wonder how many of the eight shots connected. No matter, enough did.

This is something that I try to practice. Draw from concealment, and aim center mass while back pedaling. While one can never really know what any particular situation would require, as a civilian I'm most worried about getting myself and others out of harms way.

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Be aware that quickly moving backwards comes with it's own set of cautions:

1. You can't see where you are going
2. You are aware of tripping hazards

Unless you are practiced at moving backwards quickly, it is something you actually have to give some thought to, as your balance point is very different than when moving forward

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I have practiced this....but it is low on the list and I'm usually circling to the side as well. This officer had the advantage of being in a large flat area on terrain he just walked forward over seconds prior so tripping over something or running into an obstacle wasn't a factor.

Thankfully as a citizen, I don't need to get close to sketchy people or try to use a less-lethal option first.

He's also lucky this dude didn't go full-tilt, you can run faster forwards than backwards. This is just a stalling tactic, your bullets have to put the down before they reach you (luckily in this case they did).

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We practice this regularly in our local club matches as well as IDPA matches. We usually start with some shots from retention at a close target, then retreat to cover. But those are all on a flat surface where there is no real tripping hazard. It is still a technique that needs to be learned.
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When I see most of these videos of real shootings, it seems like a very fluid situation. Very few people stand their ground and simply shoot. There's a lot of movement!

So.... I practice shooting while moving left,right, forward and backward. In the past, while using a wrestling mat for padding , I tried shooting while falling on my can still put rounds on target. (It's not that hard at close range , even while you're falling.)
I don't practice falling on my butt Big Grin but it's good to know that you don't become useless if you do.
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Originally posted by 9mmepiphany:
Unless you are practiced at moving backwards quickly, it is something you actually have to give some thought to, as your balance point is very different than when moving forward


It's pretty common to see examples of people who are rapidly backpedalling away from a threat, who then lose their balance and end up falling over backward and landing on their backs or their butts.

This is not only an unconventional position to shoot from that most folks have no experience with, but it also renders you a stationary target while you're on the ground or attempting to regain your footing.

In addition to practicing retreating, it's worthwhile to practice shooting while laying on your back or sitting on your butt, as well as (safely) practice quickly getting back on your feet with a gun on target.
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