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I am running up to NH for the level 3 handgun course. Does anyone know the exact type of ammo to have? I want to buy before I go and not have to buy it there.

"For Epping, NH courses, non-toxic, non-jacketed FRANGIBLE ammunition may be required"
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Most courses at the academy require plain ole ball ammo.

But, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just buy ammo there. Something goes wrong during the training, it’s on them and not whatever big box you bought ammo from.

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If you don't want to buy it at the Academy some LGS options are Renaissance Firearms in Barrington, Reilly's Sport Shop and Shooters Outpost. The latter two are in Hooksett. All three are within a 30 minute drive of the Academy.

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I have taken a shit ton of courses at Sig and here is how it goes (WRT ammunition):

For Pistols, if it is a daytime course (before 5pm) then you will most likely be on an outdoor range and can use plain FMJ ammo. If it is after 5pm, then you will most likely be shooting indoors, and that most likely means frangible ammo. Frangible ammo is significantly more expensive than FMJ, so plan accordingly. Sig sells both FMJ and frangible ammo, so you don't need to bring ammo. As for frangible, unless you have a 'connection' with someone in the ammo industry, Sig will be hard to beat on their frangible prices. However, if you are scheduled to shoot FMJ, you can procure quality factory ammo on your own at a lower cost than what Sig charges for FMJ.

Sig used to display what they charged for ammo bought on their courses. It is definitely cheaper to bring your own FMJ ammo if you are driving to the course.

You can call the academy and see what they currently charge for ammo (and see if you need FMJ or frangible for that particular class).

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The last bit of the above is the critical issue. Are you inside or out. You will have to call and ask.

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Call and ask. Just tell them what class and when and ask what range it's on. If it's in one of the indoor ranges, just ask if you need frangible. Unless you're flying, I see no reason not to bring your own. We just schlepped 2 cases with us.


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