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this class is in 2021

The Applied Fundamentals program has a limited enrollment as it is structured differently than our standard programs.

If you’re an intermediate shooter, competitor, or law enforcement officer looking to improve your pistol skills at speed, the three-day Applied Fundamentals is the accelerated program for you. The class focuses on mental planning as a method to run your handgun at speed in a variety of conditions.


The goal of Applied Fundamentals is to take the building blocks shooters have learned in Practical Fundamentals or other trigger control-based programs and learn to apply those skills methodically to solve shooting problems.

Too often, shooters have mental knowledge and physical skill sets that they struggle to demonstrate or employ under stress, or, when presented with unfamiliar shooting scenarios, they “fail to perform.” This program addresses this issue directly.

You’ll be shooting approximately 1,300 to 1,500 rounds during the intensive three-day program. This is not a course for a beginner.

The class fee is $675 plus range fees.

For complete details on the above class, click here.

Register for the class at the OpSpec Training website.

Suitable for the intermediate to advanced competitive shooters or armed professionals, Applied Fundamentals does have prerequisites. At a minimum, class participants should be able to safely draw a pistol and hit a man-sized target at seven yards in roughly 1.5 seconds. Ideally, participants will have attended an OpSpec Training two or three day Practical Fundamentals class or equivalent training within the last three years.

Instructors*: HR Hawkins

When: Sept. 24-26, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Class size: Limited to 16 students, with a minimum of 12 students.

Tuition: $675

Range Fees: TBD

Ammunition: About 1,300 to 1,500 rounds.

Important Links and Information

* Instructors listed for specific programs have committed to teach the class on those dates. Although we do not anticipate changes, travel delays, family emergencies or illness may result in instructor substitutions.

Muhlenberg Recreation Area
River Road
Reading, Pennsylvania

Where to Stay
We suggest selecting a hotel near the Reading Regional Airport. The range is within four miles of the regional airport.

As with all of our classes, we suggest you book your room early so it is on hold.

Food at Lunch Break
To ensure you get the most “bang for your buck” we try to keep lunch breaks as short as possible (one hour). If you have the ability to bring your lunch, we you may do so. Information concerning lunch options will be provided to students at the class registration. There is a Subway located within 2 miles of the range.


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