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I had the privilege of attending Glock's Operator Course in Smyrna the past two days. This is a 1000 round shooting course that is only open to military (active or retired), law enforcement (active or retired), GSSF members, or NRA certified instructors. I was even blessed with the director of Glock's training division as the teacher for the class. He literally wrote the book on how the Glock factory trains uses around the globe.

This course is AWESOME. There is no focus on equipment or pontificating on why Glock is so perfect- it is all about mechanics and fundamentals. Two days of intense instruction with practical drills under the watchful eye of an amazing instructor has already made me a better shooter.

There is an intense qualification course to shoot at the end of the class which you get three attempts to pass. There were 11 in the class and only 4 of us passed the qualification. I only passed on my third attempt, and that was by six-tenths of a second.

Most importantly, the course taught me what and how to PRACTICE. The instructor took us through his practice regimen. There was absolutely NO ego whatsoever. While I consider him a "grand master," he very much considered himself a student of the pistol.

The best part is that this course is only $300. If you ever have the opportunity, do not pass it up.
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Sounds great. That price is amazing! I take a Sig class in NH every year, used to be 2 but there prices have gone up a lot in last 5 years.

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I took this course in 2016 at Glock in Smyrna. I don't remember it being quite like this.

As a matter of fact, I remember it to be kind of "meh".

They must have made some major changes.

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Maybe one of the instructors took an OpSpec class. The review certainly sounds like it Wink


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Maestro, can you share what the course of fire is for the qual course?
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