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Close Quarter Gunfighting

Typical gunfights happen in distances measured in feet, not yards. It can easily end up being a fistfight as much as a gunfight. Traditional range training does not prepare you for this reality.

The Doru Training Group CQG course is a 1 day training class designed to prepare you to survive a real life violent encounter. It uses the same Simunition FX marking cartridge technology as the military and law enforcement which is not typically available for civilians. This allows you to practice the skills you learn in a high stress force-on-force training environment.

Topics covered during the course:

· Introduction to the realities of violence

· Scanning and movement in a 360 deg. environment

· Close quarter shooting techniques-retention and point shooting to 5 yards

· Striking-using bodyweight, anatomy, and gross motor skills to injure any attacker, no matter your size and strength

· Integration of striking and shooting

· Force-on-Force training scenarios with role players. Scenarios will include decision making, multiple opponents, and active shooter situations

Prerequisites: None required, I want it to be accessible to everyone. However, prior training in the basics such as grip, stance, and drawing from the holster (IDPA/USPSA or similar competition experience OK as well) is strongly recommended. If you do not have prior training, there will be a 3hr seminar the eve prior for an additional fee.

Equipment Needed: Eye protection. NO LIVE AMMO! Wear comfortable pants with belt (1.5" preferred) and shoes, long sleeve shirt (or sweatshirt) and gloves (shooting or light weight work gloves, motorcycle gloves) are highly recommended. Knee pads optional. Bring lunch or there is fast food available across the street from the training location. Dress for the weather.

We will provide all of the necessary Simunition converted training weapons, ammunition, and protective gear!

“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” –Chuck Palahnuik

The world's a dangerous place, we can help!
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Love me some SIMs. You want to know if what you are doing on the range is working? Take it to SIMs. Pain is a great teacher, and it shows your deficiency in tactics and techniques. On the flip side, it really builds confidence.

Wish I was closer to come take this one.


"Make it a shooting, and not a gunfight" LSP552 02/19/2011

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