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Hello all. I wanted to write a report on my experience going to TPC's Competition SuperCamp in St George UT.
I was hoping to attend a OpSpec class in Dec and work issues forced that plan to be changed, and so when work had me in Las Vegas in mid Feb, and I saw the Tactical Performance Class was in southern Utah, an easy drive away, I thought I could take advantage of company sponsored travel and get in some training.

The class is obviously geared to people that shoot gun games, and that is what I was looking for. They have other class focuses too, if that is not your thing.

The range in southern Utah is big, and has hosted National level matches. The town of St George in nice, and has any amenity you may want or need. It is also close to Zion National Park, so there are other attractions in the area. Weather is similar to Vegas, though we had real cold, and some snow the first 3 days, but got sunburn on the last 2 days !

The staff at TPC is very attentive, and get back to you quickly with answers to any questions you have, and they are friendly and easy to work with. All the suggestions and advice I got on travelling with guns, where to stay or eat, ammo etc., was spot on. Many of the instructors and assistants are top rated national shooters, or national champions, so they truly do know what they are talking about and teaching

They camp itself started with everyone broken into squads, and then we started to build the skills needed for success in competition in an orderly, logical and step-wise fashion. We reviewed their take on grip and stance to maximize the ability to make the pistol " behave" and get back on target asap. I was definitely able to use this training to enhance the instruction I already have and the results were noticeable. We reviewed the draw, reloads, target transitions, and spent a lot of time on moving while shooting, and into and out of positions as efficiently as possible. I can tell you the result of this was I would shoot faster, and be accurate while not feeling very rushed. This was very helpful to me.

We also had modules on stage planning, match planning, stage visualization, and equipment set up. There was a section on how to video your stages, and how to critique the video in order to find those bits of time that will add up and improve performance.

The last day we shot a match and had the benefit of the instructors reviewing our stage plans, then watching our stage and reviewing what went right, what went wrong, and where the improvements are to be found.

On the whole I was very happy with the camp, and I feel it helped set me up to continue to improve. The instructors are pleasant and helpful, but intense. It was humbling to get smoked by a 16 year old girl with a 1911, but when you realize she is a national ladies champion it was easier to STFU, and listen to her advice.

I hope that helps if anyone is considering training with these guys.

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