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Anyone here take any of the following courses at the Sig Academy in Epping, New Hampshire:

Handgun 102
Handgun 103
Handgun 104
Skill Builder: Pistol & Pistol II
Dynamic Performance Pistol
Point vs Precision
Shooting on the Move
Skill Builder: Concealed Carry Pistol
Concealed Carry Pistol

My experience to date is I have a concealed carry permit for 3 years now...and have the 16 hours required for said permit in Illinois.

I train (shoot) at the range once every other week (about 24 times a year)...and have done so for about 4 years. At least 20,000 rounds plus.

My goal is to increase abilities for self defense in concealed carry situations and for home defense, with a handgun.

Which are overlap courses and unnecessary to take both?

Does one NEED to start with the Handgun 101 class or can one start with the Handgun 102 class due to some experience?

Which courses do you highly recommend?

Anything else you might add would be helpful.

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Here is a very good write-up about going to Sig Academy:


I've taken all of those classes in your list. You probably don't need the 101 class, but all the others are worth taking. Though if you take the Concealed Carry Pistol class, you probably won't need the Concealed Carry Skill Builder for a while.

I would also suggest classes like Low Light Pistol, Bullets and Vehicles, and Bullets and Bandages. I highly recommend taking OpSpec Practical Fundamentals class.

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Thanks for the response two-two-niner-Romeo. Surprised I only got 1 response. Will check out your link.
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My girlfriend and I did 102 and really enjoyed it. I have shot IDPA and consider myself a decent
shooter my girlfriend has only shot at the local range doing some holster work here and there. She was about middle of the pack and really enjoyed the class.

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